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LOL Shield & Arduino

  29.03.2011   Sean   Projects   No comments

LED Reader boards, scoreboards, and scrolling marquees have always been an interest for me. So I jumped at the opportunity to make one that’s about the size of a belt

First Output from my EggBot

  26.03.2011   Sean   Projects   No comments

As a little warm-up to this year’s kick-ass Easter egg designs, I thought I should take some time to dial-in the latest addition to my robot army. The EggBot kit

TIG Welding Workshop

  21.03.2011   Sean   Projects   No comments

In mid-March, I took a weekend intensive TIG Welding class at the Crucible in Oakland, CA. It had been about 10 years since I had touched any welding equipment, and

It’s Pinewood Derby Season!

  11.03.2011   Sean   Projects   1 Comment

I’m not going to say who’s car is who’s. I’m actually quite proud of how much effort my son put into his vehicle. Here’s to hoping we have a chance