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Arduino Campfire!

  21.05.2014   Sean   Projects   No comments

The problem: We had a Cub Scout camping trip planned at the end of May. There was a strong possibility that either a Red Flag warning or a Spare the

A bit of Bitcoin Prospectin’

  7.01.2014   Sean   Projects   No comments

Santa brought me a new Raspberry Pi board and I’ve been itchin’ to do something with it. When I found a set of four USB Bitcoin mining ASICs for $100

Raspberry Pi, RS232 & OAuth

  19.11.2013   Sean   Projects   No comments

Just after the new year, my son’s preschool will be having a fundraiser with an outer space theme and we’re are trying to find new and interesting ways to announce

Lawn Sprinklers… There’s an App for That?!

  30.04.2013   Sean   Projects   No comments

I assumed ownership of an existing irrigation system when I moved into my home two years ago. Thankfully the system works and the valves and sprinkler heads are in great

TARDIS Fridge: Colder on the Inside

  7.03.2013   Sean   Projects   No comments

This may be the best $200.00 I’ve ever spent. Not because I’m an unapologetic Whovian, which I am, but because I waited almost 5 years to spend this $200.00. You

Pinewood Derby 2013

  1.02.2013   Sean   Projects   No comments

We had a great race again this year. Some video and photos to share! [slickr-flickr search=sets set=72157632579413436 type=gallery]

Road Trip Hack – iPad Entertainment Console

  27.12.2012   Sean   Projects   No comments

No $1,200 entertainment system option for us! Just a $500 iPad and $10 worth of lumber and glue! [slickr-flickr search=sets set=72157632321707739 type=galleria]

Miter Saw Cabinet

  29.11.2012   Sean   Projects   No comments

I have to share space in my garage workshop with other things like boxes, bikes, and strollers. My goal is to have all of my big tools on rolling carts

Cub Scout Water Rockets

  23.05.2012   Sean   Projects   No comments

Cub Scout Mission Log 2012.144: Two low earth orbit rockets, code named Partly Cloudy Patriot and Rainbow Sherbet have cleared the assembly bay and are en route to the launch

Stepping Stones

  21.04.2012   Sean   Projects   No comments

[slickr-flickr search=sets set=72157629504966110 type=galleria] To celebrate our new raised garden beds (and to get out feet out of the mud). I cast the hand prints of all of our family