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Don’t Fence Me In!

  30.06.2011   Sean   Projects   No comments

Sorry kiddos, but we built you a cage. But not just any cage! A room sized playpen with an entire wall designed to help you pull yourself up to standing

It’s Pinewood Derby Season!

  11.03.2011   Sean   Projects   1 Comment

I’m not going to say who’s car is who’s. I’m actually quite proud of how much effort my son put into his vehicle. Here’s to hoping we have a chance

The SEAN3000 raffle drum!

  25.02.2011   Sean   Projects   No comments

Each year Grace Cooperative Preschool hosts a pancake breakfast with copious prizes raffled off. We have the fortunate problem of having sold too many raffle tickets to comfortably fit into

Collapsible Work Tables

  6.02.2011   Sean   Projects   No comments

No matter what I’m working on, there never seems to be enough layout space. And, since I’m quite limited on space, I thought I’d build a couple of short, boxy

Equipment furniture for our new office

  9.01.2011   Sean   Projects   No comments

In late December my company moved its corporate office to a new larger location. However, our mailroom shrunk a bit as we planned to actually have a conference room instead

Security Camera Ceiling Mount

  16.12.2010   Sean   Projects   No comments

One of our network engineers came to me with a problem. A security camera in one of our warehouses had been knocked down and the mount destroyed. The manufacturer doesn’t