TIG Welding Workshop

TIG Welding, March 2011

In mid-March, I took a weekend intensive TIG Welding class at the Crucible in Oakland, CA. It had been about 10 years since I had touched any welding equipment, and even then, it was wire-feed arc, which I now know is quite different from TIG. There’s a fine art to making a good looking, strong weld. I have a lot more practice ahead of me!

TIG Welding Class - The Crucuble, Oakland, CA

At this time, welding is an interest and hopefully another skill to tuck into my toolbag. Long term though, I plan to take some classes on machining and ultimately build some bicycles and kinetic sculptures. However, that’s very long term; somewhere between the all-kids-are-outa-diapers and retirement-finances-secure milestones.