About Tinkering Rocks

Since I was two years old…

I’ve been a tinkerer and a maker since I could walk. My grandparents let me take apart their transistor radio at three years of age and I had free access to the scrap pile when I visited during the summers. When I was 9, my dad let me dismantle our old TV set (after the capacitors had been drained) just to see what the insides looked like. I’m also [just] old enough that my middle school and high school still had amazing shop classes. Building and fixing things is something I’ve always loved to do and something I wish to share with my kids and the families in my neighborhood.

TinkeringRocks.com is a means to that end. In time, I hope to share fun projects for you to try and to share with your family and friends. Cheers and Happy Tinkering!

About Sean

I am a father of four boys, a Boy Scout leader, and an avid hiker. When I’m not creating my robot army in my garage, you can find me exploring our national parks and local open spaces. I’ve been a voider of warranties for as long as I can remember. My mantra: “What does this button do?”

When I’m in Clark Kent mode, I am an technical architect and data engineer within the supply chain and logistics industry.