The SEAN3000 raffle drum!

2011-02-21 Finished Product

Each year Grace Cooperative Preschool hosts a pancake breakfast with copious prizes raffled off. We have the fortunate problem of having sold too many raffle tickets to comfortably fit into the raffle drum that we normally rent. This seemed like the perfect opportunity to build a new one!

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T1 A/B Switch – Arduino Rocks!

The Problem

TAG T1 AB Switch

In our organization, we have an Asterisk based phone system. Because we are a 24X7 365 operation, and because our business must react quickly to customer demands, we actually have a completely redundant Asterisk system idling in standby mode. When we have to transfer over to the redundant system most of the operation takes only seconds, with one exception. Some of our inbound and outbound call traffic is carried over old school, plain ol’ telephone service (POTS) via physical T1 data circuits. In order to move these T1 circuits to the failover server, one of our engineers had to physically move the patch cables from one server to another.

Our engineers have tried a number of failover options, including converting the T1s into VoIP traffic so we could just change the packet routing when we needed to swing the calls to the failover system. However, the hardware and the software we’ve found, so far, does not meet our quality of service needs.

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Collapsible Work Tables

Multi-function, collapsable work tables

No matter what I’m working on, there never seems to be enough layout space. And, since I’m quite limited on space, I thought I’d build a couple of short, boxy tables that are both sturdy and easy to collapse. I designed these to be the same height as my table saw so that they can act as run-off tables. They are also small enough (largest collapsed piece is 24″ x 48″) that I can can put them in the back seat of my VW and take them on the road.