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  12.06.2016   Sean   Projects   No comments
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  The idea of a Cub-o-Matic or a Scout-o-Matic is not a new one.  I know of at least two other Cub Scout packs in our area who use it

Patio Fountain

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Raspberry Pi NTP Server using GPS

  23.01.2016   Sean   Projects   No comments

  Believe it or not, I have people who work for my company who will literally wait until the very last second to get their data input into our various

Layout & Cutting Table for Sheet Goods

  16.01.2016   Sean   Projects   No comments

    In my workshop I lack the space and the budget to set up a table saw with an out feed area to safely handle full sheets of plywood.  I

The Suck-It-Up-Inator

  1.10.2015   Sean   Projects   No comments

What do you do with an old vacuum cleaner that you’re not quite ready to send to the landfill? How about turning it into a reasonably quiet (compared to a


  28.07.2014   Sean   Projects   No comments

This quotation, attributed to Maya Angelou, is one that I hold close to my heart. With her recent passing, I was looking for a way to honor her and the

Lafayette Library Maker Fest

  19.07.2014   Sean   Projects   No comments

On Saturday, July 19th I joined with hundreds of Contra Costa County Makers at the Lafayette Library Learning Center. I put together a table that demonstrated many of the things

Arduino Campfire!

  21.05.2014   Sean   Projects   No comments

The problem: We had a Cub Scout camping trip planned at the end of May. There was a strong possibility that either a Red Flag warning or a Spare the

A bit of Bitcoin Prospectin’

  7.01.2014   Sean   Projects   No comments

Santa brought me a new Raspberry Pi board and I’ve been itchin’ to do something with it. When I found a set of four USB Bitcoin mining ASICs for $100

Raspberry Pi, RS232 & OAuth

  19.11.2013   Sean   Projects   No comments

Just after the new year, my son’s preschool will be having a fundraiser with an outer space theme and we’re are trying to find new and interesting ways to announce