Updates to my Minecraft Dashboard

Back in 2020, at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, my kids and I set up a Minecraft server and had a blast building worlds together. Too much fun, in fact. It didn’t take us long before we started losing track of which day it was. To help, I built a Minecraft dashboard that we could use to track our time online. We still had trouble remembering which day of the week it was, but now it had much less to so with our time in-world.

This fall, I spent several nights and weekends updating my home lab. I containerized many of the tools and services I have running (much love for Docker and the CasaOS ecosystem 💓). I relocated Minecraft to a new Docker host and needed to update the dashboard as well. Now that Minecraft had been absorbed by Microsoft, I refactored much of the code. Since I didn’t share this link before, I thought I’d do so now:

mcDashboard – A Simple Minecraft Time Tracking Dashboard for Family & Friends Servers