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Pinewood Derby

  26.01.2012   Sean   Projects   No comments

[slickr-flickr search=sets set=72157628984471629 type=galleria] I am quite proud of my boys, who spent the last few weekends cutting, sanding and painting their Pinewood Derby cars. Sure I helped [a great

Charge Only MicroUSB Cable

  16.08.2011   Sean   Projects   4 Comments

I’ve been using either Verizon, Sprint, or AT&T’s mobile broadband service for over five years. I’m now on my fourth technology iteration and I have a hard time remembering what

Hiding the Wires

  24.07.2011   Sean   Projects   No comments

I hate cords!  As a gadget freak, it feels almost heretical to make such a statement, but there you go. I try to hide the wires that race to and from my

The Most Read (& Loved) Book in my House

  14.07.2011   Sean   Projects   No comments

The Star Wars Craft Book, by Bonnie Burton is catnip for 8 year olds! My son sleeps with it under his pillow! It goes with him wherever he goes.  He

Don’t Fence Me In!

  30.06.2011   Sean   Projects   No comments

Sorry kiddos, but we built you a cage. But not just any cage! A room sized playpen with an entire wall designed to help you pull yourself up to standing

Weather Station Installed

  21.06.2011   Sean   Projects   3 Comments

Tonight, I completed the installation of a weather station at home. One of the reasons why I got into amateur radio a couple of years ago was to experiment with

LOL Shield & Arduino

  29.03.2011   Sean   Projects   No comments

LED Reader boards, scoreboards, and scrolling marquees have always been an interest for me. So I jumped at the opportunity to make one that’s about the size of a belt

First Output from my EggBot

  26.03.2011   Sean   Projects   No comments

As a little warm-up to this year’s kick-ass Easter egg designs, I thought I should take some time to dial-in the latest addition to my robot army. The EggBot kit

TIG Welding Workshop

  21.03.2011   Sean   Projects   No comments

In mid-March, I took a weekend intensive TIG Welding class at the Crucible in Oakland, CA. It had been about 10 years since I had touched any welding equipment, and

It’s Pinewood Derby Season!

  11.03.2011   Sean   Projects   1 Comment

I’m not going to say who’s car is who’s. I’m actually quite proud of how much effort my son put into his vehicle. Here’s to hoping we have a chance