Layout & Cutting Table for Sheet Goods

In my workshop I lack the space and the budget to set up a table saw with an out feed area to safely handle full sheets of plywood.  I typically only use my table saw once I have the plywood dimensioned under 2′ wide.  In the past, when I need to break down a 4′ by 8′ sheet of plywood, I typically set up a series of sacrificial 2X4s on the shop floor and then hunched over the work to run the saw along the fence. This was back ache inducing if I had more that a couple of sheets to work through on any one project.

I recently found these extra-wide, heavy-duty folding table legs. These legs are designed for poker tables and the round catering tables that rental companies often use. I anticipate that these legs should last a lifetime. I just needed to build the sacrificial top.

I chose to use kiln dried 2x4s and butt joint them together using pocket hole screws. In order to keep all metal away from the sacrificial side of the table, I used a pocket hole jig and screws designed for 3/4″ thick lumber. I also used 1″ lag screws to bolt the legs onto the frame. As a result, there is 3/4″ of just wood on the surface so I can run my saws and routers through the top without ruining any blades.

As a bonus, I now have a nice assembly table by adding a spare sheet of plywood to the top!