The Most Read (& Loved) Book in my House

The Star Wars Craft Book, by Bonnie Burton is catnip for 8 year olds! My son sleeps with it under his pillow! It goes with him wherever he goes.  He uses it as a conversation starter almost every day! My 4 year old son is right beside him reading along and fantasizing about making his own Millenium Falcon bed. Our 10 month old 11 month old twin boys will surely benefit from this book if the binding does not disintegrate from extreme wear and tear before their first birthday.  While we’ve already created several of the projects within, my two oldest boys have made it their mission to build everything in the book before the end of the summer.  A lofty goal, yes, but certainly one that we can put a sizable dent in over the next 7 weeks.

Granted, my wife and I are huge Star Wars fans, so our children have no choice but to be fans as well. And yes, I do take pride in DIY, geeky, crafty, makey things. So, you can argue that I am Audience0 for this book and that I am biased. So be it, but I do think The Star Wars Craft Book truly has something for everyone. It’s easily one of the best $15.00 investments in “family time” I’ve ever spent.

Thank you to the Author, Bonnie Burton, who spent so much time creating terrific resource! I’ve been a fan of her’s since the days of @Sock. Here are some pictures of our first project out of the book, The Wookiee Birdhouse:

Decker's Wookiee Bird House

Decker & his Wookiee Birdhouse