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  25.02.2011   Sean   Projects   No comments

We now have stickers for Ace Monster Toys! 501(c)3 aside, I think that makes us an official hackerspace now!?!?

The SEAN3000 raffle drum!

  25.02.2011   Sean   Projects   No comments

Each year Grace Cooperative Preschool hosts a pancake breakfast with copious prizes raffled off. We have the fortunate problem of having sold too many raffle tickets to comfortably fit into

T1 A/B Switch – Arduino Rocks!

  23.02.2011   Sean   Projects   1 Comment

The Problem In our organization, we have an Asterisk based phone system. Because we are a 24X7 365 operation, and because our business must react quickly to customer demands, we

Collapsible Work Tables

  6.02.2011   Sean   Projects   No comments

No matter what I’m working on, there never seems to be enough layout space. And, since I’m quite limited on space, I thought I’d build a couple of short, boxy

Equipment furniture for our new office

  9.01.2011   Sean   Projects   No comments

In late December my company moved its corporate office to a new larger location. However, our mailroom shrunk a bit as we planned to actually have a conference room instead

Security Camera Ceiling Mount

  16.12.2010   Sean   Projects   No comments

One of our network engineers came to me with a problem. A security camera in one of our warehouses had been knocked down and the mount destroyed. The manufacturer doesn’t

Man Cave Server Cabinet

  26.09.2010   Sean   Projects   No comments

Dust really sucks!  I didn’t realize just how much so, until we moved and my office and my workshop merged into one multi-purpose man-cave.  In order to keep some of

Making Your MagSafe MacBook Road Trip Worthy

  23.06.2007   Sean   Projects   1 Comment

I have joined in with a chorus of geeks who wish they could use and recharge their MacBooks while they were in the car or boat. But Apple only makes

Programable Status Board

  6.12.2006   Sean   Projects   No comments

UPDATE: Please see this safety recall for important information on some of the components related to this project! In September, I read a post on one of my favorite blogs