TARDIS Fridge: Colder on the Inside

This may be the best $200.00 I’ve ever spent. Not because I’m an unapologetic Whovian, which I am, but because I waited almost 5 years to spend this $200.00. You see, I have a history of eating the marshmallow. Deferred gratification has not been my strong point in the past, and it’s something I’ve been working very hard to overcome (read: Sean grows up a little bit). I’ve been looking to do a TARDIS project like this since 2008 when my buddy Brian and I talked about building a secret office with a TARDIS entrance.

Fast forward 5 years, and I came to the conclusion that the second fridge, in my garage, was here to stay for a while. The fridge has become a critical link in the six gallons of milk and 4 gallons of apple juice per week supply chain that keeps my four boys fed. Since the fridge was so plain (ugly, actually), and plain has no place in my Garage Workshop of Awesomeness, it was time for an Extreme Makeover, Gallifrey Edition.

Visual Build Log from 2013